Nick Kyrgios rips 'irrelevant' Grant Williams for fueling Jimmy Butler's heroics

Kyrgios blamed Williams' antics for the Celtics' Game 2 loss to the Heat.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios rips 'irrelevant' Grant Williams for fueling Jimmy Butler's heroics

Avid Boston Celtics fan Nick Kyrgios was going through all kinds of suffering because "irrelevant" Grant Williams decided to trash-talk Jimmy Butler - a move after which Butler went absolutely ballistic on the Celtics. With around six and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter, Williams hit a three-pointer over Butler to give the Celtics a 96-87 lead over the Miami Heat.

Williams then started trash-talking Butler and getting into the face of the Heat star. "Bro pipe down Grant Williams. You are gonna lose the game for us," Kyrgios said in his first tweet about Williams, seemingly sensing what was about to happen.

Butler then went ballistic as he scored 16 points in the fourth quarter alone and led the Heat to a comeback 111-105 win over the Celtics.

"Ever since Grant Williams has opened his mouth the whole momentum has changed. Good one Grant, you are a genius," Kyrgios wrote, before telling in his next tweet to get Williams out of the game.

The Heat now have a 2-0 lead in their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Celtics. "Grant Williams lost us the series. Guy should of stayed on the bench," Kyrgios wrote in his fourth tweet about Williams.

In another tweet, Kyrgios wondered why Robert Williams III wasn't in the game down the stretch. "Also why wasn’t Rob in the majority of this quarter? Lol" Kyrgios asked.

Kyrgios rips Williams: When irrelevant players decide to talk trash...

"The last thing I expected today was to tune in to a game of this importance and seen one of the most irrelevant players so far in the playoffs talking s--- to the best and then proceeding to get subbed off and lose the series for us.

GG’s next year," Kyrgios ranted.

This was not the first time this year that Williams did this type of stuff. During the regular season, Williams decided to trash-talk Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell - who then went ballistic on the Celtics.

"Grant had 2 of the worst ‘IM HIM’ moments possibly off all time this year. Against the Cavs now this. Well done champ," Kyrgios said.

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