Raducanu reacts to Medvedev's avenging dance against Tsitsipas

Medvedev's dance answered Tsitsipas dance after beating Daniil in 2022.

by Claudiu Pop
Raducanu reacts to Medvedev's avenging dance against Tsitsipas

20-year-old Emma Raducanu shared in her Instagram stories a comparison between Stefanos Tsitsipas' 2022 victory dance after beating Daniil Medvedev in Cincinnati and Medvedev's victory dance after defeating Tsitsipas in Rome last week.

Watch the video that Emma believed to be share-worthy below.

Here is how some tennis fans reacted to the video:
  • "Sorry Meddy, you won the match but lost the rhythm battle"
  • "Gotta love Petty Meddy"
  • "The fact that he remembered that.

    Dude is dead inside"

  • "Revenge is a dish best served cold"
  • "Thank you for being yourself and please never change Daniil"
  • "Tsitsipas actually got a little rhythm. Medvedev, not so much"

Raducanu has fun after suffering multiple surgeries

Besides laughing at Medvedev and Tsitsipas dance battle, Raducanu spends her recovery time following the multiple hand and ankle surgeries she underwent by getting herself involved in some other fun activities as well.

For example, last week Emma was in Mexico, where she attended the Dior Cruise 2024 event as an ambassador of the brand. See the photos she posted from the event in this article: Emma Raducanu posts photo dump, shows how time in Mexico has been going.

Regarding her medical situation, here is what Raducanu said at the beginning of May. "It is safe to say the last 10 months have been difficult as I dealt with a recurring injury on a bone of both hands. I tried my best to manage the pain and play through it for most of this year and end of last year by reducing practice load dramatically, missing weeks of training as well as cutting last season short to try [to] heal it.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough. I’m having a minor procedure done on both hands to resolve the issues. I’m disappointed to share that I will be out for the next few months and while I am at it will have another minor procedure that is due on my ankle.

It pains me that I will miss the summer events and I tried to downplay the issues so I thank all my fans who continued to support me when you did not know the facts. Looking forward to seeing you all back out there," Raducanu announced on May 3rd. Raducanu got past the surgeries and is now recovering.