Watch: Ons Jabeur hits Cristiano Ronaldo's 'SIUU' after making history at French Open

Jabeur continues to write Arab and African tennis history.

by Dzevad Mesic
Watch: Ons Jabeur hits Cristiano Ronaldo's 'SIUU' after making history at French Open

Ons Jabeur pulled Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic "SIUUU" celebration just moments after making tennis history at the French Open. On Monday, world No 7 Jabeur defeated Bernarda Pera 6-3 6-1 to reach the French Open quarterfinal.

In the hallway, Tunisian tennis star Jabeur hit the SIUUU celebration and hugged her husband.

Per OptaAce, by reaching the French Open quarterfinal, 28-year-old Jabeur became the first African player male or female to reach the quarterfinal in each of the four Grand Slam tournaments in the Open Era.

Jabeur heating up after early 2023 struggles

After exiting the Australian Open in the second round, Jabeur underwent surgery on her knee.

Jabeur returned in March but then suffered a calf injury during her Stuttgart semifinal match and missed Madrid. Jabeur didn't have much luck in the first five months of the season but everything seems to be falling into place for the Tunisian in Paris.

After reaching the French Open quarterfinal, Jabeur told the WTA website how learning to "accept things" helped her deal with adversity and challenges. "I have learned a lot how to accept things, either good or bad. For me, being injured was part of my path, how the season would have started here this year.

You know, I worked a lot on my mental health and worked a lot on how to manage all this, because I believe there is a lot of injuries are connected to our emotional part. I'm trying to manage that. I believe that our body and our mind is connected.

If there is an issue -- for example, like when you go and train hard, you have a sore muscle -- for me, the diseases or injuries are the same. Your body is trying to give you a message and you have to listen to it. If the knee is hurting, there is a certain explanation for that.

Maybe I'm trying to take control over things or not trying to be open-minded about some stuff. So I always try to look at the explanation of what my mind is trying to tell me. Of course, looking at the physical injury as well.

But everything is connected. Everything is connected with everything, either your past, your present right now. It's probably a long conversation, but briefly, it's that," Jabeur said.

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