Simona Halep gets back to training on French courts

Halep trained with Ukrainian Marta Kostyuk.

by Claudiu Pop
Simona Halep gets back to training on French courts

Simona Halep returned to the courts by training with top-50 Ukrainian player Marta Kostyuk at Mouratoglou's complex. The choice of training on a hard surface is probably a sign that Simona expects to be able to compete somewhere after Wimbledon.

Nevertheless, Halep needs to stay fit so she can be ready to step into the fierce competition. The last time Halep played an official match was about a year ago, at the US Open (against Daria Snigur).

Halep's status in the doping case

Simona Halep was devastated to hear the International Tennis Integrity Agency postpone her hearing for the third time.

In a statement posted at the end of May, Halep said she is feeling disrespected by the way the ITIA have been operating their investigation. "Once again, tonight, I am devastated. The ITF (ITIA) has once again, for the third time postponed my hearing one month later!

I am waiting to be judged since last October. In December, I have finally been able, thanks to experts, to show that the lot of the supplement I was using had been contaminated, which caused the positive control. I have asked, as the rules of the anti-doping state it, for a quick hearing: this is my right, it is written in the rules!

Unfortunately, the ITF (ITIA) has postponed my hearing three times. Denying me the right to be judged by an Independant Tribunal. - Not allowing me to participate into any tournament for 8 months. Now I know that I will have missed the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Not to mention that I will have lost all my points and my ranking. Not only they are killing my reputation, but also me as a professional player, and I don't even talk about the consequences on my mental health. This disrespect of the rules by the ITF (ITIA) regarding the fast hearing I am entitled to have, is so disrespectful to me that I have no more words," Halep said in a statement.

Simona Halep Marta Kostyuk