Corentin Moutet trolls Emma Raducanu after Briton's stunning US Open win admission

Moutet responds to Raducanu saying she sometimes wishes she never won the US Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Corentin Moutet trolls Emma Raducanu after Briton's stunning US Open win admission

Corentin Moutet funnily reacted to Emma Raducanu revealing she sometimes "regrets" winning the US Open. In 2021, Raducanu wrote tennis history by becoming the first-ever qualifier to win a Grand Slam title at the US Open.

Since then, Raducanu hasn't won any titles and she has faced lots of criticism. During her conversation with The Sunday Times, Raducanu said, "I sometimes think to myself I wish I'd never won the US Open." Moutet, who won his first Challenger title in 2017 Brest, had quite a reaction.

"Sometimes I wish I never won (the) Brest challenger," Moutet tweeted.

Moutet funnily reacts to Raducanu's revelation

When Raducanu won the 2021 US Open, she was making all the headlines and everyone was tipping the Briton to achieve much more success.

But then, injuries and physical setbacks started hampering Raducanu. Being often injured led to Raducanu's form dipping and impacting her results. Then, Raducanu started receiving more and more criticism. Last week, Raducanu suggested that US Open win also had a negative side.

“That moment on the court, when I was celebrating, I was like, I would literally trade any struggle in the world for this moment. Anything can come my way, I will take it for what I have right now. I promised myself that, on the court that day.

Since then I’ve had a lot of setbacks, one after the other. I am resilient, my tolerance is high, but it’s not easy. And sometimes I think to myself I wish I’d never won the US Open, I wish that didn’t happen.

Then I am like, remember that feeling, remember that promise, because it was completely pure," Raducanu told The Sunday Times. Meanwhile, Raducanu is currently recovering from multiple surgeries. Raducanu is set to miss Wimbledon but there is no guarantee that she will be able to return during the North American hard court swing.

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