Magda Linette jokes cartoon of her in Poland is 'not helping' in search of husband

Linette funnily reacts to a cartoon of her created by the Poznan Open organizers.

by Dzevad Mesic
Magda Linette jokes cartoon of her in Poland is 'not helping' in search of husband

Polish tennis star Magda Linette, 31, jokes the Poznan Open organizers are making it tougher for her to find a husband. Linette, ranked at No 20 in the world, was born in Poznan. On her Twitter account, Linette posted a cartoon created by the Poznan Open organizers.

In the cartoon, Linette's body, arms and legs are in proportion. But then it gets funny as Linette's head and nose are absolutely gigantic in the cartoon. "Poznań Open, not helping me in my search for a husband. Not helping (laughing emoji)," Linette tweeted.

Linette has had a rough start to the grass season

Linette started her grass season in Nottingham, where she was beaten by Jodie Burrage in the round-of-16.

This week, Linette competed in Birmingham. On the grass courts of Birmingham, Linette won her opener before suffering a 3-6 0-6 loss to Zhu Lin in the round-of-16. Linette didn't impress in her first two grass tournaments of the year and there is no doubt that the Pole would have preferred to have done better ahead of Wimbledon.

However, Linette should still arrive at Wimbledon confident, considering that earlier this year she made her first Grand Slam semifinal at the Australian Open. After a career-best Australian Open rum, Linette will also try to make her best-ever run at Wimbledon this year.

In the past, Linette just twice made the Wimbledon third round - in 2019 and 2021. But this year, Linette feels she is a different and a better player. “A lot has changed for me personally. So I think a lot has to do with a little bit of my personal life that I’ve become a little bit more independent.

That’s the first thing. Second, I think I’m looking at things a little bit different. I’m older. I’m more experienced, and I just calm down a bit. Emotionally I’m maybe finally growing up a little bit.

When I’m down, I’m not that dramatic about it. And I can still keep fighting against my opponent, not only myself," Linette explained after her first Grand Slam semifinal.

Magda Linette