Watch Cristiano Ronaldo playing padel (VIDEO)

Will Ronaldo resort to this after he ends his iconic career?

by Claudiu Pop
Watch Cristiano Ronaldo playing padel (VIDEO)

An Instagram reel posted at the beginning of June showing Cristiano Ronaldo playing padel has gone viral. You can watch the Portuguese superstar in action below.

Cristiano Ronaldo compared to Novak Djokovic

Former English soccer players Peter Crouch and Jermaine Jenas talked live on BT Sport, while talking about the recent UEFA Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan, entered the discussion on who is the GOAT of tennis, giving their subjective opinion.

"It has to be Federer, for sure. He's a beautiful player to watch. Djokovic has the numbers and the athletic ability, but for me when you look at the sport, the element of grace and the look you have when you do have to come into play a little bit.

The way Federer played, that backhand," they said. "Federer is Leo Messi, Djokovic is Cristiano Ronaldo. Djokovic is numbers, robotic, relentless, and will surely finish his career with more Grand Slams than anyone else. But there's something about looking at Federer...

the elegance... that gentleman didn't sweat! Nadal is one of those players that you can't help but love. He fights for every single point and his forehand is no different. It almost looked like he wasn't holding his racket. It was crazy that Djokovic was able to wedge himself there." The ex-Liverpool-striker then narrated a humorous anecdote related to his past in tennis: "I grew up on grass a bit.

I played on hard courts and on grass, on hard courts in winter. I liked playing on grass by way of Wimbledon. I think my game would have been suited to hard courts. My serve and my volley, I had the height from an early age. I remember playing with other boys of the same age and I was much taller."

Cristiano Ronaldo