"Big feet" Bouchard asked for her shoe size by guy during flight

In the past, a guy asked if he can tough her shoes.

by Claudiu Pop
"Big feet" Bouchard asked for her shoe size by guy during flight

Genie Bouchard told her Instagram followers that the guy near her asked about her shoe size during a flight. "The guy next to me on my flight just asked what size shoe I am," Bouchard wrote on Instagram Stories. "The shoes in question.

I know I have big feet but the shoes make them look bigger for sure. I love [the shoes] so much, have gotten so many compliments @newbalance," Genie captioned a photo of her NB shoes.

A guy asked Bouchard to touch her Dior shoes

Besides the on-air incident, Genie Bouchard has other experiences involving guys and her shoes.

In November 2022, Bouchard admitted on one of her Instagram Stories that a guy asked her if he can touch her Dior shoes."A guy asked if he could touch my shoes tonight so there's that. Dior, I'd say success," wrote Bouchard on Instagram.

Dior has partnership with many tennis players, including Emma Raducanu and Aryna Sabalenka.

It's no secret that Bouchard has many admirers.

The Canadian herself revealed how many men slide into her DMs per day. As a response, Bouchard let the interviewers look at the DMs themselves.The interviewer looked disgusted by some of them, but read a milder one. "Good morning, hope you have a great day and are doing well." You can see the moment in the video below posted by Golf Mostly.