Young Italian threatened and insulted after the defeat against Damir Dzumhur


Young Italian threatened and insulted after the defeat against Damir Dzumhur
Young Italian threatened and insulted after the defeat against Damir Dzumhur

A young Italian tennis player wad threatened and insulted after the defeat against Damir Dzumhur. In a video posted on the Backstage Tennis Instagram page, the young Italian Francesco Maestrelli wanted to tell the whole truth.

With a phone in hand, he decided to verbally report all the insults and threats that were reserved for him after Bastad's qualifying defeat against Dzumhur. Report all the insults: those concerning him and his family, the wishes of illness, homophobic attacks.

After a long list of social news, Maestrelli invites all those who are listening to him and are seeing him: "This is all I get every time I lose a match to people who probably don't know who I am, what I look like, let alone how I play tennis.

Who periodically bet on the results of my games and allow themselves to write me all this only because they didn't win their bet. I really hope that things change. We too are people after all, as well as being sportsmen."

Th young Italian Francesco Maestrelli threatened and insulted

The video was shot in collaboration with a social media page that aims to tell, as the name suggests, the behind-the-scenes of this sport.

The beauty and, as in this case, the ugliness of the professional circuit. "It is an initiative that other players should also take. All tennis players receive this type of attack every time they lose. We are all in the same boat, players like Lorenzo Musetti and MatteoBerrettini suffer even worse things because of their notoriety," said Maestrelli referring to Musetti and Berrettini.

In fact, the two were among the blue tennis players most targeted on social media by the accusations. Not so much those of bettors, but those who accused them of not giving their best on the tennis court: in periods of physical and tennis declines, the two were targeted on their social profiles, also accusing their respective partners of being sources of distractions.

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