Fans are furious with Nick Kyrgios after his words on mental health


Fans are furious with Nick Kyrgios after his words on mental health
Fans are furious with Nick Kyrgios after his words on mental health

Appearing before the ACT Magistrates Court in Canberra, Nick Kyrgios pleaded guilty to the assault charges brought against him, in which he was accused by Chiara Passari of pushing her onto the pavement in January 2021, injuring his knee in the process.

However, Magistrate Beth Campbell dropped the case and cleared the world number 20 of criminal charges, referring to the incident as a single act of stupidity and frustration. The judge also stressed how long it had been since the incident, which only happened because Kyrgios and his lawyers delayed his court appearance on the grounds that he was on tour.

"I was not in a good place when this happened and I reacted to a difficult situation in a way I deeply regret. I know it wasn't OK and I am sincerely sorry for the hurt I caused. Mental health is tough. Life can seem overwhelming.

But I have found that getting help and working on myself has allowed me to feel better." The Australian explained what happened with the allegations regarding the alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari. Kyrgios said he was deeply sorry for the pain he caused and that he sincerely regrets his actions.

Nick who was in a bad mental situation at the time, underlining how he is continually working on his mental health. His fans, however, are very disappointed that Kyrgios has not apologized to Chiara Passari. Here are some of the more venomous comments shared by the Twitter users and reported by Sportskeeda: "This disgusting narcissist domestic abuser so self centred doesn’t even apologise the women she abused.

He really think he is the victim!" "He doesn't even apologize to Chiara, rancid sack of shit!" "Mental health is never an excuse to do something unacceptable. i know that he isn't gonna change is attitude." "Mental health as an excuse.

Oh yeah I can see Osaka’s agency influence on this case." "Mental health huh ? This excuse is not valid. There are a lot of people suffering from mental health." “Mental health is tough” nah this fucking guy.

I hate men so so so much."

Philippoussis: "Kyrgios' career could end soon"

Nick Kyrgios' season was heavily conditioned by physical problems, especially with his knee which led him to undergo surgery. The finalist of the last edition of Wimbledon, he then had to withdraw from the tournament due to a new problem related to his wrist.

Only one game of the season played by the Australian, played a month ago in Stuttgart, and lost without a fuss against the Chinese Yibing Wu. His countryman, Mark Philippoussis, said he was concerned about his physical condition, speaking of a danger to the Canberra native's career if he doesn't treat his injuries adequately.

He told: "He's not even close to fitness and I knew right away he was in trouble. If he comes back too soon, as we've seen, and if he doesn't physically work on his knee to strengthen the joint, unfortunately I don't know how soon we'll see him.

You have to give yourself every opportunity to come back and, if you're a big guy and you have a knee problem, you better get it right before you come back because it will only make things worse, you'll be out further and your career could be over.

You have to fear for yourself. I've become a knee expert after six knee surgeries and that's something you can't waste time on. We are talking about the movement of him. My concern for him years ago was 'he's working physically' and if he had his first major injury, I'm not saying it could end his career, but it could be very dangerous if he doesn't do that rehabilitation work.

We all know what Nick's position is, he is happy that he is very free in his way of playing and that he doesn't have a coach. And I highly doubt that he will change anything physically. If he's happy with that, that's no problem.

The most important thing for him is to be happy in his life, because at some point sport stops and it's about what's really important, and that's his life."

Nick Kyrgios

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