Dayana Yastremska calls on WTA to sanction Mirra Andreeva over alleged Putin support

Yastremska was beaten by Andreeva in Lausanne this week.

by Dzevad Mesic
Dayana Yastremska calls on WTA to sanction Mirra Andreeva over alleged Putin support

Ukraine's Dayana Yastremska claims the WTA denied her request to sanction Mirra Andreeva after the rising Russian tennis star apparently liked an Instagram post that was showing support to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This week, world No 145 Yastremska competed in Lausanne, where she suffered a 0-6 2-6 loss to 16-year-old Andreeva.

After the match, Yastremska thanked the Lausanne organizers for hosting her well and shared her thoughts on playing Russia's Andreeva. "I wanted to post about a recent situation in Switzerland which I find hardly acceptable.

The tennis instances are unfortunately remaining indifferent to the atrocities committed in Ukraine. Recently, I asked that sanctions be taken against Mira Andreeva for having liked social media posts that clearly concerned the atrocities committed against Ukrainians and the WTA simply indicated it would not intervene.

I am upset but remain committed to fighting for my country, my family and my friends in Ukraine. I would like to give special thanks to Switzerland and tournament organizers for their warm reception," Yastremska wrote in a message posted on her Instagram Story.

Yastremska again requested action from the WTA

Last week, Yastremska was competing in Palermo when she took to Instagram to post about what her sister was going through on Tuesday night during the missile and drone attacks on Odessa.

"Just check my stories, or maybe you would like live videos, or visit Ukraine? So you can change your opinion about (Russian flag). Someone sleeps well now, you know who I mean, and someone is trying to survive. Or all Ukrainian players are during the tournaments are awake because they are following all the news.

Is that fair?" Yastremska wrote on her Instagram Story last week. Since the start of the war, the WTA has been insisting that the Ukrainians have their full support. Also, the WTA has been saying that banning Russian and Belarusian players from competing - while they have no impact on the actions of the Russian government - would be unfair.

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