Kyrgios shames ITF for Ymer's "ridiculous" 18-month suspension

Nick Kyrgios joins the myriad of players standing by Ymer's innocence.

by Claudiu Pop
Kyrgios shames ITF for Ymer's "ridiculous" 18-month suspension

Nick Kyrgios weighed in on Mikael Ymer's recent 18-month suspension as a result of missing three doping tests. "Ridiculous. Ymer is one of the nicest guys on tour and he shouldn't be banned," Kyrgios said during an Instagram Q&A session.

Almost 25-year-old Mikael Ymer was extremely disappointed to hear the news saying he got banned. "It's been unreal and some very difficult days for me. I'm trying to find the right way to process the news and work out how to proceed from here.

In the meantime, I won't be making any comments or interviews. I would, however, like to put on record my experience with the 3rd incident that subsequently ended up resulting in the ban," Ymer wrote. "It feels like a bad dream.

I don’t think justice has been served. I am 24 years old, at the prime of my career with a career-high ranking, and I have been banned for 18 months. Are we comfortable affecting young people’s livelihoods like this? Am I a casualty needed for the system to work? So why was I different?" Ymer asked.

Other players that stand by Ymer

Besides Kyrgios, Alize Cornet and Daria Saville are just a few players that came to Mikael Ymer's defense. " "I don't understand why the ITF keeps harassing players like that. The same thing happened to me and I got cleared by the independent tribunal.

It was still the worst 6 months of my career. Thank God the ITF didn't appeal. I can't even imagine how you must feel... Be strong," Cornet wrote.

"I just cannot believe ITF would do this.

It's horrible. It is so so so so unfair. Is there a way this stupid decision can be reversed?" Saville wrote.

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