Donna Vekic idols Margot Robbie after crushing Ryan Gosling in plank contest

You won't believe how much Margot held a plank.

by Claudiu Pop
Donna Vekic idols Margot Robbie after crushing Ryan Gosling in plank contest

Donna Vekic set a new goal for her planks: to beat Margot Robbie's 4:10 minutes record. The fresh winner of the Hopman Cup shared a picture showing Barbie's lead actress taking the 3rd place in a plank contest in which her co-star Ryan Gosling also participated.

Surprisingly or not, Margot Robbie held her plank for one minute more than Ryan Gosling. "Goals," Donna Vekic captioned Robbie's impressive feat.

Margot Robbie is a hit among tennis players

Donna Vekic is not the only tennis player that looks up to Margot Robbie.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is known to have a crush on her and Genie Bouchard would love to have Margot play her character in a possible movie. "In a nutshell, it was the Superbowl tweet. I tweeted that Atlanta would win. Then, this guy said that Patriots would win.

Tom Brady works his magic. Patriots win. Possibly the best Superbowl comeback of all time. Turns out he is this lovely young boy who went to University of Missouri. Brought him to a basketball game. This producer came to us with like a script and they were like 'we want to turn this into a movie'," said Bouchard in a Golf Mostly podcast episode."To come back to your original question, I would go with Margot Robbie or Black Lively," Bouchard added.

When it comes to Tsitsipas, he sent a public invitation to Margot Robbie in January this year. "I mean, Australia is such a great country. I like a lot of Aussie things, you know. Margot Robbie, one of my favorite actresses, comes from Australia. It would be nice to see her over there in the stands one day," Stefanos Tsitsipas said.

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