Sakkari blows show host's mind with her brain's superpower, makes him swear

Maria Sakkari: "I have a very very good memory."

by Claudiu Pop
Sakkari blows show host's mind with her brain's superpower, makes him swear

Greek tennis star Maria Sakkari showed off her memorizing power during Tennis Channel's 'Warm & Fuzzy' show, and the show's host was so impressed that he even swore. "Are you fuking with me, Maria?" host Michael Kosta asked Sakkari after she reminded his lifetime prize money graved on his shoes.

"I'm not. How would I know? Did I ask anyone before? I was painting. You know what, I should have written that down. I have a very very good memory. I actually try not to use it (the memorizing power) a lot in the match. Sometimes I cannot avoid it," Sakkari responded.

"It's like a superpower," Kosta suggested. "You're exaggerating a bit but..." Sakkari followed up. Before the show in July 2023, Sakkari last saw Kosta's shoes on February 4, 2022.

Sakkari was in a "dark place" mentally

Having a good memory doesn't entail top mental health.

In fact, Maria Sakkari confessed at Roland Garros, before facing and being defeated by Karolina Muchova, that she was in a dark place not long ago. “We played last year here, I was in a very dark place, mentally. I wasn’t anywhere near compared to how I feel this year, mentally, physically, tennis-wise and everything," Sakkari said.

“There are situations where I might get myself back into but now I know how to get over them, and I just feel like everything in life is a learning lesson. At the end of the day life is not just going up. You always have your ups and downs and I just have to accept that and get out of it stronger," Sakkari added.

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