Kasatkina's girlfriend destroys Emma Raducanu's former coach: "He's a shit man"


Kasatkina's girlfriend destroys Emma Raducanu's former coach: "He's a shit man"
Kasatkina's girlfriend destroys Emma Raducanu's former coach: "He's a shit man"

Daria Kasatkina's girlfriend Natalia Zabiiako harshly attacked Emma Raducanu's former coach Dmitry Tursunov, literally calling him a shit man. Emma Raducanu and Tursunov collaborated only for a short trial period last summer.

After the split, Tursunov became coach of the Swiss Belinda Bencic. Daria Kasatkina and her figure skater girlfriend Natalia Zabiiako recently posted a question and answer video on their YouTube page. During the session, a user asked why the Russian didn't hear from Dmitry Tursunov as coach.

Zabiiako responded by attacking Tursunov harshly: "So effective that after several months of working with him, everyone gets injured or ends up injured. And yes, for more than a year, at best, he does not work with anyone.

I think Anette is extremely thankful to him. Oh yeah, and he's a shit man."

Kasatkina on the war

Daria Kasatkina is the Russian who condemned the war in Ukraine and took sides against her country.

Since Putin's Russia invaded the Ukrainian country and since she declared herself part of the LGBTQ+ world, condemned by Russian laws, she is the sportswoman who courageously spoke out against Putin's government. A few weeks ago, on the eve of the WTA in Palermo, the Russian explained: "I just made my choices.

I wanted to look in the mirror and not be ashamed of myself. Now I'm paying the consequences of my decision, it's something that adults have to deal with.I am not in a position to judge. There are those who have families there and have decided not to pay the same consequences that I am paying." In the circuit, especially the women's one, it has now become customary for Ukrainian tennis players not to shake hands when there is a Russian or a Belarusian on the other side of the net.

It happened to Kasatkina too, when she didn't shake Svitolina's hand in Paris. She just raised her finger at her Ukrainian opponent, who thanked her for her gesture. It has become an unwritten rule, although the crowd present in the stands of tennis tournaments do not seem to have understood it yet.

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