Venus Williams slaps American Air after sending her baggages to Bahamas

Venus: "Calling you all has become my full time job"

by Claudiu Pop
Venus Williams slaps American Air after sending her baggages to Bahamas

Venus Williams called out American Air for losing her luggage and not repairing their mistake promptly, two mistakes that costed the American a lot of time, which she could have used for training better for Montreal. "Dear @americanair, I love flying with you all.

Im even in the million mile club! I'm not sure why you sent my bag to the Bahamas when I was traveling to Montreal. Now I have a match today. I've been trying to get my bags for 3 days now. I think I spent all my unlimited minutes calling you all which has become my full time job day and night.

This has been so much fun!" Williams wrote on her Instagram Stories. Venus was eliminated in the first round at Montreal by Madison Keys.

Venus Williams fought her way to Montreal

Venus Williams trained hard to be able to play in Montreal and the flying incident didn't help as well.

Before the first round, Venus talked about her struggles. "I feel like it's been too long," Williams said at Media Day on Sunday. "I really fought my utmost to be here. Icing five times a day, therapy three times a day, praying, all sorts of interventions.

I've never played here a lot in my career, and I just didn't want to miss it. So I gave it my all to be here. So I'm going to give my best out there on court. I love what I do and over the past few years for me, they haven't been healthy years.

I need to be in a place where I can play on my terms the way I'd like to play," Williams said per the WTA.

Venus Williams