Caroline Wozniacki reveals wish daughter made before her first match back

Wozniacki enjoyed a perfect first match back in Montreal.

by Dzevad Mesic
Caroline Wozniacki reveals wish daughter made before her first match back

Caroline Wozniacki reveals her daughter Olivia made a wish just before the Dane stepped out on the court for her first match in three and a half years. On Tuesday, 33-year-old Wozniacki saw off Kimberly Birrell 6-2 6-2 in the Montreal first round.

Wozniacki, who welcomed two kids after retiring from pro tennis after the 2020 Australian Open, delivered a pretty impressive performance in her first match back. Just before the match, two-year-old Olivia told her mom it was her wish to see her end on the winning side.

“I tried to explain to Olivia I was going to play a match. And she goes, ‘Okay, Mama, I have a wish. I wish you win.’ I was like, ‘Where does she get that from?’” Wozniacki revealed.

Wozniacki was scheduled to play early in Montreal

"I was just looking at the clock actually.

My kids are napping right now, which is awesome. That’s the good part about playing early. I still have the afternoon with them," Wozniacki also said after her win. Although Wozniacki is a Grand Slam champion and a former world No 1, no one really expected her to win her first match back with just four games lost.

“I think I have always worked very hard on my fitness and tried to stay in shape. I've worked very hard to be in good shape here, but obviously, when you play a match, it's different. You can't replicate that in practice.

So I was happy with the way my body and fitness held up today. Especially because all of a sudden I felt like it was hot and the sun was out and I looked up and thought, ‘I shouldn't be asking for an ice pack right now, I need to play a little fresh.’ But I felt like I did well and I'm happy with that," Wozniacki said.

Caroline Wozniacki