Cori Gauff hilariously tells about being mistaken for Leylah Fernandez in Montreal

A Canadian fan wanted an autograph and he thought Gauff was Fernandez.

by Dzevad Mesic
Cori Gauff hilariously tells about being mistaken for Leylah Fernandez in Montreal

Cori Gauff hilariously revealed she was mistaken for Leylah Fernandez in Montreal as someone thought she was the Canadian tennis star and asked her for an autograph. In a funny revelation, Gauff indicated it wasn't the first time that she was mistaken for another Black player.

On X, one person asked: "You ever had a racist experience but it was funny tho." That post has gone viral with many revealing their experiences. Gauff joined in on the party by revealing her own experience: "I sign autographs as myself but occasionally I am somehow also signing as Sloane, Venus, Serena, Taylor, Alycia, and yesterday I got Leylah for the first time lollll."

Gauff showed love to Montreal, the Canadians

In her pre-tournament press conference, Gauff said she "likes" Montreal and added the Canadians in general are "really nice people." Gauff, 19, is playing at the National Bank Open for the third time in her career.

Previously, Gauff made the Montreal quarterfinal in 2021 before also reaching the quarterfinal in Toronto last year. "I don't know why I have good results here. I'm hoping to do even better than a quarter or a semi. I'm hoping to win one of these 1000 titles.

It would be cool to do it here. Yeah, I kind of like Montreal. I'm not going to lie. I like Toronto a little bit better (laughing). It's more like an American city I feel like, but Canadians in general are just really nice people, and that's maybe probably why I do well.

The fans here are really respectful, so I try my best to -- even today after practice it was raining, and I was trying my best to sign as many as I can, and for me I never know which fans speak English and which fans speak French, so that's been my hardest challenge in Montreal so far," Gauff said in her pre-tournament press conference in Montreal.

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