Jessica Pegula tells about signing autograph to fan who thought she was Cori Gauff

Pegula shared a funny story on social media.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jessica Pegula tells about signing autograph to fan who thought she was Cori Gauff

Jessica Pegula reveals one time she signed an autograph to someone who thought she was Cori Gauff. A post on X that has gone viral asked: "You ever had a racist experience but it was funny tho." Gauff revealed her own experience: "I sign autographs as myself but occasionally I am somehow also signing as Sloane, Venus, Serena, Taylor, Alycia, and yesterday I got Leylah for the first time lollll." After reading about Gauff's revelation, Pegula wrote: "One time I signed and the woman thought I was you…that one got me lol."

Pegula confirms she and Gauff haven't split

When they play together, Pegula and Gauff are undoubtedly one of the best doubles teams in the world.

This week in Montreal, Pegula and Gauff are playing their 11th doubles tournament of the year. Pegula and Gauff - who are the No 1 team on the Race to the WTA Finals - are selecting tournaments and they usually play doubles only in WTA 1000 and Grand Slam tournaments.

Last week, Pegula and Gauff didn't play doubles together in Washington, which led to some rumors that the two decided to split as a doubles pair. "Someone sent me that headline, and I was, like, 'That's weird.' I don't know where on earth that came from.

Just because we literally didn't play one week together, everybody was, like, 'You're not playing?' I was, like, 'Relax.' Everyone gives us crap for playing too much, and then we didn't play DC, and we were getting so many questions.

We already have had a great year, so I think that was kind of our decision not to play DC even though it would have been fun to play in the US in Washington. Going into the next two weeks, two 1000s, we would rather prioritize that just as far as our ranking and the Race to the Finals," Pegula explained in Montreal.

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