Laura Siegemund rips US Open crowd after loss to Cori Gauff

Siegemund felt the US Open crowd acted disrespectfully toward her.

by Dzevad Mesic
Laura Siegemund rips US Open crowd after loss to Cori Gauff
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Germany's Laura Siegemund ripped the US Open crowd following her first-round loss to Cori Gauff at Flushing Meadows. On Monday night, Siegemund - a US Open champion in women's doubles and mixed doubles - clashed against home favorite Gauff at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Throughout the match, the crowd wasn't particularly happy with how much it was taking Siegemund to prepare for a serve or a return. Gauff wasn't happy either and the crowd got even more annoyed with Siegemund's slow dynamics.

The US Open crowd was making it pretty clear that they weren't happy with Siegemund as some fans were shouting "Time!" on Siegemund's services and pointing to their watches or imaginary watches.

Siegemund rips the US Open crowd

“I never did anything against the audience.

I stayed calm. I never made — not even a gesture — against the audience. And they had no respect for me. They had no respect for the way I played. They have no respect for the player that I am. They have no respect for tennis, for good tennis.

This is something that I have to say hurts really bad," Siegemund said. After winning the first set against Gauff, Siegemund failed to complete a win as the American came back to beat the German 3-6 6-2 6-4. “They treated me bad.

They treated me like I was a cheater. Like I was trying sneaky ways to win this match or something. They treated me like I was a bad person. But you know there are people who are throwing racquets, who are screaming, who are like making bad gestures toward the audience.

I did not one moment in the whole match, and there was a lot of tension going on. Not one moment I did anything. I was just slow. That’s something in the rules, I get my time violation, that’s fine," Siegemund said.

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