Justine Henin directly: "I'm not crazy about Iga Swiatek's tennis"

The former leader of WTA ranking was asked how she assessed the form of Iga Swiatek and Aryna Sabalenka

by Dominik Senkowski
Justine Henin directly: "I'm not crazy about Iga Swiatek's tennis"
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Justine Henin told in an interview for the Polish portal Sport.pl about Iga Swiatek, Aryna Sabalenka and their rivalry. Many fans and journalists dreamead that the number one and number two women's tennis will clash in the US Open final.

Swiatek defends the title in New York and Sabalenka reached the semifinal in New a year ago. "Swiatek at the US Open a year ago found out that she has great skills also on hard courts, not only on clay. I think that Iga has everything to win the title again.

Of course it will be difficult but Iga has the right temperament and is a girl who can win even when she is not feeling well at all" Justine Henin said. On the other hand, the former Belgian tennis player admitted that she was not so delighted with Iga Swiatek technique. "I'm not crazy about Iga Swiatek's tennis when it comes to her technique, but technique is only part of the whole.

Iga's technique is not always the cleanest, but Iga has speed in her hands and great footwork, thanks to which she is so mobile, moves so well that it compensates for technical imperfections. In a way Iga plays men's tennis" Henin added.

Justine Henin sincerely about Iga Swiatek and Aryna Sabalenka

The 2023 season is the best for Aryna Sabalenka in her career. At the beginning of the year she won her first Grand Slam title in the Australian Open. "Sabalenka impresses not only with the power with which he hits the ball, but also with the consistency with which she does it.

She's still working on the site. We all remember how much trouble she had a year and a half ago when she made a lot of double faults. You can see that this is a girl who has worked very hard to overcome her demons. After Sabalence we see how much she wants to win and we appreciate how hard she works for it" Henin said.

Swiatek or Sabalenka - which of them will be the leader of the ranking after the US Open? The number one will be the one that goes further in the tournament and if they are eliminated at the same level, the Belarusian will jump to the first place.

"In the long run, it's very difficult to be number one. What is really needed is a challenge and that is great competition. Sabalenka helps Swiatek, ignites her imagination, helps Iga develop. Their situations are quite different - it's completely different to be number one than to strive for that position.

But for Iga, it's really great that Aryna is here. As well as for Carlos Alcaraz it is very beneficial that Novak Djokovic continues to play" Henin admitted.

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