Former Serena Williams' coach hushed fans who yelled Hitler


Former Serena Williams' coach hushed fans who yelled Hitler
Former Serena Williams' coach hushed fans who yelled Hitler © Al Bello / Staff Getty Images Sport

Former Serena Williams's coach, Rennae Stubbs, wrote a post on X, harshly attacking the fans who yelled Hitler in the match of the US Open between Alexander Zverev and Jannik Sinner. Stubbs wrote on X: "There are some fans this late at night @usopen that are not good!

[Love] the fans but at this point there are some bad characters. I had a drink thrown on me last night by a drunk fan who was fighting with her boyfriend. Now we got someone yelling Hitler slurs! Wtf? Come on peeps."

What happened

This also happened during the very tough battle between Alexander Zverev and Jannik Sinner, who thrilled the audience at Arthur Ashe Stadium for almost 5 hours.

In the fourth set the German tennis player signaled to the chair umpire to remove a fan in the stands. The fan shouted a phrase reminiscent of Adolf Hitler, namely: "Deutschland Uber Alles." The thing that was immediately captured by the Hamburg native, who approached the referee to warn him of the episode and take action: "He shouted Hitler's most famous phrase at me.

It's unacceptable." Security had the green light to intervene and remove the person in question, who did not resist and left the facility amid general boos from the crowd, who wanted to continue enjoying the spectacle of the match.

In the press conference Zverev stressed on the matter: "He started singing the anthem of that era, I thought it was really too much to bear. He was probably emotionally involved in a very long match, but I don't care about him.

I love the fans, the noise, the emotions and the cheers but I think, as a German citizen and not exactly proud of that historical period, that it wasn't a brilliant idea of his. Plus, he was sitting in one of the front rows, so I think a lot of people could hear him. If I hadn't reacted it would have been a stain on me."

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