Martina Navratilova destroys fan who yelled Hitler and praises Zverev


Martina Navratilova destroys fan who yelled Hitler and praises Zverev
Martina Navratilova destroys fan who yelled Hitler and praises Zverev © Clive Mason / Staff Getty Images Sport

Martina Navratilova spoke out about the negative episode that took place in the 4th round match at the US Open between Alexander Zverev and Jannik Sinner.
A fan outraged the German tennis player, chanting a phrase that is considered the symbol of Adolf Hitler.

The former US tennis legend praised Alexander Zverev, writing on X: "Good for Zverev! Chuck this as s out!"

The bad episode in the match between Zverev and Sinner

In the press conference Zverev stressed on the matter: "He started singing the anthem of that era, I thought it was really too much to bear.

He was probably emotionally involved in a very long match, but I don't care about him. I love the fans, the noise, the emotions and the cheers but I think, as a German citizen and not exactly proud of that historical period, that it wasn't a brilliant idea of his.

Plus, he was sitting in one of the front rows, so I think a lot of people could hear him. If I hadn't reacted it would have been a stain on me." After the bed episode on court, Zverev told the chair umpire: "He yelled Hitler's most famous line at me.

It's unacceptable!" The fan shouted a phrase reminiscent of Adolf Hitler, namely: "Deutschland Uber Alles."The thing that was immediately captured by the Hamburg native, who approached the referee to warn him of the episode and take action: "He shouted Hitler's most famous phrase at me.

It's unacceptable." Security officers approach two people sitting in the front rows behind the chair umpire, talk to a man and then get him off his feet and escort him out, while the crowd boos and bangs on the fan.The fan was filmed by the cameras when he clearly heard what the German player said to the British chair umpire James Keothavong to protest the abusive statements of the person present in the stands.

Alexander Zverev beat Italian tennis player Jannik Sinner after a five-set battle, with the German returning to the quarterfinals of the US Open where he will face Carlos Alcaraz.

Martina Navratilova Alexander Zverev

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