John Millman and Alize Cornet side with Simona Halep!


John Millman and Alize Cornet side with Simona Halep!
John Millman and Alize Cornet side with Simona Halep! © Vaughn Ridley / Stringer Getty Images Sport

The International Tennis Integrity Agency, through an official statement, announced that Simona Halep will have to serve a four-year disqualification. The facts date back to last season, when the Romanian tested positive for one of the substances prohibited by the regulations after the US Open: Roxadustat.

The independent tribunal established by Sport Resolutions, despite having supported Halep's thesis that it was a contaminated supplement, established that the quantity of substance ingested could not have determined the concentration of Roxadustat found in the positive sample.

Due to the grotesque situation that led Halep to have to wait a year to receive the sentence, many tennis players sided with the Romanian. John Millman told: "The ITIA delays in regards to Simona Halep's case is a disgrace.

One way or the other she shouldn't be constantly mucked around like this. I'm a little surprised more on the WTA, admin and players, haven't 't come out condemning the process. It's been a joke. Simona is in tennis purgatory due to constant delays in proceedings from the ITIA.

Her colleagues should have her back and broadcast it in the public forum. Allowing her a proper and fair hearing. If you walked in her shoes you'd at least want that. Regardless of the findings."

Also the Frenchman Alize Corner defended Simona: "Come on people, let's join forces.

This is going way too far, and for far too long @itia_tennis @ITFTennis. The tennis world just wants what's fair. We want #JusticeForSimona."

Simona Halep on the sentence

Halep said in a statement: "Last year I played the hardest match of my life and unfortunately my struggle continues.

I have dedicated my life to tennis. I take the rules that govern our sport very seriously and I am proud of the that he has never knowingly or intentionally used any prohibited substance. I refuse to accept their decision regarding the four-year ban.

In a 126-page report, the court found that I am guilty of both charges brought by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA): a urine test that came back positive during a tournament for a banned substance and a violation of my biological passport.

Together with my representatives I have presented compelling evidence to the ITIA and the court in support of my defense."

John Millman Alize Cornet Simona Halep

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