Venus Williams teaches tennis to K-Pop Jeon Somi!

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Venus Williams teaches tennis to K-Pop Jeon Somi!
Venus Williams teaches tennis to K-Pop Jeon Somi! © somsomi0309 and Lacoste Instagram account

US tennis legend Venus Williams was present at a Lacoste event in New York, where the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of the iconic crocodile brand, founded by the legendary French tennis player René Lacoste, was celebrated.

For the occasion, Venus came back to the court to give tennis lessons to K-Pop Jeon Somi. Venus Williams is Lacoste's global brand ambassador in 2022, and she unveiled two renovated tennis courts in the Bronx with Jeon Somi.

Venus gave tennis lessons to the K-Pop star: on the other hand, Jeon Somi gave Venus Williams her latest album, Game Plan.

Venus at the 2023 US Open

Venus Williams was defeated in the first round of the 2023 US Open.

The American spoke at the press conference explaining her feelings: "First of all I have to say, I absolutely want to give credit to my opponent. I had no chance against her today, even when I used my best shots she was able to stop them and respond with winners or spin shots.

I honestly don't think I played badly, I just think it was one of those days where you're just unlucky. It's true, I had minimal preparation for this match but I don't think it influenced the match. In some sections my leg movement wasn't effective and on the backhand I was lacking, but despite all these things I just have to give her credit.

Honestly she was incredible and maybe if she could play with this continuity she could deserve to be in the top 10 or even number one. She could even win a Grand Slam tournament at this level." The tennis player talked about her condition, on the other hand there were high expectations for her presence in New York, despite her age: "As far as I'm concerned this year I haven't played many matches, but I gave my all and I only played a handful of challenges.

Of course I expected a different 2023 but I gave everything I had. I was definitely hoping to do something more this year and I was really happy to be here. I was unlucky with injuries that blocked my preparation but I did everything I could to have a good challenge."

Venus Williams

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