Maria Sakkari tells what is 'scary' after Simona Halep major doping suspension

Sakkari asked to comment on the verdict in the Halep case.

by Dzevad Mesic
Maria Sakkari tells what is 'scary' after Simona Halep major doping suspension
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Maria Sakkari suggests she is not a 100 percent believer in the methods that the anti-doping authorities use following the Simona Halep news. On Tuesday, it was announced that the independent tribunal decided to impose a four-year ban on Halep after they found the Romanian guilty of committing two anti-doping offenses.

Like it was the case in the months prior, Halep again strongly denied any wrongdoing and explained why she felt that she was wrongly accused and sanctioned. Halep has received lots of support over the last 12 months - including support from many fellow pro players.

Sakkari asked if she trusts the anti-doping authorities

“One thing I can tell you for sure is the way they’re handling every situation with any player, any athlete, it’s just scary. We’re gonna get to a point where we’re not even gonna be taking electrolytes.

Thankfully, I haven’t been in that position. I never want to be.. I’ve been very careful with everything that has to do with supplements. But I don’t know what the process is, how things are done behind closed doors.

I don’t know who has a say. I have no idea. I would for sure improve the whereabouts app that the anti-doping app (uses). It doesn’t work well. It’s supposed to remind you every day of your time slot & it doesn’t.

They tried to improve it, but it’s not working very well. For us, we travel so much compared to other athletes. It’s just very stressful. I wake up almost every night to use the bathroom. If that’s close to my time slot, I’m just thinking ‘Do I go? Do I not go? Do I just wait if they come?’ It’s just very stressful," Sakkari said, via The Tennis Letter.

Meanwhile, Halep's fight isn't over as the two-time Grand Slam champion is taking her case to Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)."

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