'Depleted' Destanee Aiava details 'literal nightmare' she is living on lower level

Aiava, 23, candidly tells about her life on the lower level.

by Dzevad Mesic
'Depleted' Destanee Aiava details 'literal nightmare' she is living on lower level
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World No 250 Destanee Aiava described life on the lower tier of pro tennis as "a literal nightmare" as the 23-year-old Australian reveals she is feeling "depleted" because she is "broke." Aiava, who achieved a career-high ranking of No 147 as a teenager in 2017, mostly competes on the ITF level.

This year, Aiava has won one ITF title and made the semifinal in three other ITF tournaments. According to the WTA website, Aiava - who owns a 31-19 record in 2023 - has earned $45,844 in prize money so far this year. But according to Aiava, there's not really much - if any - money in her bank account.

"Feeling - depleted. Reason - because I'm broke and it's exhausting waking up everyday having to remember to take my medication that helps me regulate my emotions but it's not even a cure and it's also forever but mostly depleted cos I have no money and idk (I don't know) if I can afford to travel again next year for work.

I also have a mortgage and bills to pay for but I'm constantly paying for accom/flights and tennis expenses LOL," Aiava wrote on Threads.

Aiava: This is a nightmare

"My account is in the negatives (-$35 to be exact) because the tournament I played two weeks ago failed to pay me and now I have to wait another week.

Times like these make me want a stable job. Like imagine being on the other side of the world working and you’re making NO MONEY. Stop telling me I'm living the dream cos this is a literal NIGHTMARE. I often find myself daydreaming about putting the rackets down, decking a van out to live in and travel around aus showering in waterfalls and talking to cows," Aiava wrote in another Threads post.

In 2022 May, Aiava revealed she attempted suicide a month earlier by jumping off a bridge.

Fortunately, three strangers noticed what Aiava was about to do and they didn't allow that to happen. In the end, the worst case scenario was avoided as Aiava got driven back to her home and she celebrated her 22nd birthday next month.

Destanee Aiava