Even Coco Gauff's brother has a secret gift for designing shoes!


Even Coco Gauff's brother has a secret gift for designing shoes!
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The latest US Open saw the definitive rise to the iconic tennis Olympus of the 19-year-old American Coco Gauff. The US has always been identified as a baby prodigy but she always sails at the top without obtaining victories.

After a few years of waiting, the first great results have finally arrived. The American tour first saw victories in Washington and Cincinnati and then the consecration at Flushing Meadows. In front of her family, Coco came from behind to beat the new world number one Aryna Sabalenka in the final, achieving a historic success.

Coco Gauff created a line for one of the brands for which she is an ambassador, New Balance, but apparently her younger brother Cameron Gauff also created a design for her with New Balance.

Coco, on her Instagram shared her brother's design.

In the photos that she shares on Instagram, there are both of her, also with New Balance shoes, and those of her with her brother Cameron Gauff, holding the New Balance sneaker designed by him.

Cameron also posed for her sister while wearing the shoes, and she also shared the original drawing: "It's all in the family.

I'm excited to share the Cam Bams CG1 kids coloring."

Coco Gauff talks with her fans

Very active between interviews and social media, the very young Coco answered the followers' questions and in particular aroused the curiosity of the followers.

A fan asked Coco how she will use the money from the US Open winnings and if she has any particular debts to pay off.

Gauff was keen to clarify this aspect and released the following statements: "I'm 19 years old and I don't have any debt.

I still live with my parents and therefore I'm not in debt. I didn't go to college and I don't have any bills to pay . I'm too young and I thank my parents who never put me in a position to be in debt, so I have nothing to pay and I have no debts." In the press conference after the victory at the US Open, Coco also told how she felt after this success: "My father was the first person I saw, it's really the first time I saw him cry.

At the Roland Garros he didn't cry, I'm sure I saw it. I also rarely see my mother cry and I will never forget these moments. I'm really happy, my father has always supported me in everything. People tried to separate us, he said that he shouldn't be in my box or that there was no need for him to train me. The truth is this, he's the reason I won this game."

Coco Gauff