Fans rip Patrick Mouratoglou after he credited for Coco Gauff's win at the US Open

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Fans rip Patrick Mouratoglou after he credited for Coco Gauff's win at the US Open
Fans rip Patrick Mouratoglou after he credited for Coco Gauff's win at the US Open © Alex Pantling / Staff Getty Images Sport

Coco Gauff won her first Slam title at the US Open 2023, capping a dream Summer and officially taking over the legacy of Venus and Serena Williams. Patrick Mouratoglou was credited for Coco Gauff's success at the US Open, but tennis fans disagreed with this statement, mocking the Frenchman and also who credited him for the young American star's success in New York.

After Coco Gauff's victory at the US Open Mouratoglou told CNN that the American tennis player is his new star. But the coach and the young tennis player collaborated for a few days and before the Roland Garros.

We remember Coco and the French coach have been collaborating for a few months, after the breakup between the US tennis star and her former coach Diego Moyano in April this year.

However, Mouratoglou was never her official coach. Gauff subsequently began working with Pere Riba and Brad Gilbert.

The same French coach said last June: "I am not Coco Gauff's official coach. She doesn't have a coach at the moment.

She will play at the Roland Garros. So I decided, at her request, to spend time with her on the court, to help her for the Roland Garros." Now Mouratoglou credited Coco as his new star. Tennis fans were very upset by Mouratoglou's recent words, and expressed their disappointment on X.

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Mouratoglou defends Simona Halep

The International Tennis Integrity Agency, through an official statement, communicated the decision taken by the Independent Tribunal on the Simona Halep case.

The Romanian was found guilty of intentionally violating anti-doping rules and she will serve a four-year ban.

There are two violations reported and punished by the TADP. The first concerns the positivity to Roxadustat, a substance prohibited by the regulation, found at the end of her journey at the 2022 US Open.

The second, however, is based on an irregularity in the athlete's biological passport.

Patrick Mouratoglou assisted his player throughout the entire process and wanted to express his harsh opinion on the procedures adopted by the ITIA.

The French coach believes that Halep is innocent and she is the victim of an injustice.

He wrote on Instagram: "I cannot believe the decision that the ITIA has made today regarding the case of Simona Halep. I am extremely shocked.

Throughout the year, I have observed the methods and behavior of an organization that is supposed to deal with players fairly and try to establish the truth.

Here's what I want to say today. 1. I know Simona's integrity and I have no doubt that she has never taken any banned substance.

2. I was with you on both days of the hearing and I CANNOT believe that the Tribunal reached that decision based on the evidence and arguments I heard.

3. The trial and the ITIA were totally unfair to Simona and is totally unacceptable.

4. I hope that Simona prevails at CAS which is the only court not controlled by the ITIA. I don't think the ITIA sought the truth in Simona's case, and I don't think they treated her acceptably. I hope the WTA, ATP and PTPA do their best to change a system that is destroying the careers of innocent players."

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