Emma Raducanu delivers blunt message to her critics, doubters


Emma Raducanu delivers blunt message to her critics, doubters
Emma Raducanu delivers blunt message to her critics, doubters © Getty Images Sport - Julian Finney

Emma Raducanu says she is "complimented" by the fact that critics and doubters are still talking about her because that probably means she is worth something. Raducanu, 20, received heavy criticism and scrutiny after her results and form dipped following her impressive 2021 US Open victory.

Oftentimes over the last year and a half, Raducanu has heard or read about being called "a one-Slam wonder." Most recently, Raducanu - who underwent multiple surgeries in May and is expected to return in 2024 - has heard about people saying that this injury break won't change much and that she will never return to the top again.

"The fact they are still talking about me even though I'm not at these events is just a compliment. Someone told me 'worry when they are not talking about you,'" Raducanu told BBC London.

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Raducanu's agent had a message for the Briton's doubters

In late July, agent Max Eisenbud shared strong words to Raducanu's critics and doubters as he highlighted to those people that winning a Slam doesn't happen to just anyone.

"You don't just accidentally win the US Open as she did. You have to be great to do what she did. I think that she will settle and things will get more calm for her and I think she will make more deep runs. I think she will win more Grand Slams, when it's all said and done," Eisenbud said on The Tennis Podcast.

Also, Eisenbud said that Raducanu deserved more credit and recognition for basically winning a Slam straight out of high school. "I think we all know the story, she barely played leading up to Wimbledon, she was studying. These are amazing things that I don't think much of the British media talk about, I think that's a shame because I think that was very brave of her parents and her to sacrifice her tennis development.

I don't think there will be ever a Grand Slam champion who goes to regular school, so I think that story was a miss," Eisenbud said.

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