David Haggerty confirmed as CEO of the ITF

Haggerty was confirmed after the ITF annual meeting held in Cancun, Mexico, on the 24th September 2023

by Lorenzo Ciotti
David Haggerty confirmed as CEO of the ITF
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David Haggerty has been confirmed as president of the ITF. With a percentage of 72.94% and 318 votes in favor out of 436, Haggerty's re-election as President of the International Tennis Federation has just arrived, confirmed after the ITF annual meeting held in Cancun, Mexico, on the 24th September 2023.

This role had already been held by him twice in recent years, and will last 4 years, until 2027. Haggerty, after thanking the members of the ITF for their constant trust, declared: "Our growth strategy sustainable in the long term, ITF 2024, has resulted in ITF funding for tennis development almost doubling in just a few years since its introduction."

ITF does not change direction: David Haggerty confirmed

Haggerty continues, therefore, as director of the international body that deals with, among other things, the Davis Cup and the Billie Jean King Cup.

Precisely in relation to these two areas, much controversy had arisen against the American, whose election was anything but a foregone conclusion.

Especially regarding the Davis Cup, since the new format was established, there has been a lot of criticism, coming from every element that revolves around tennis, including fans.

The statements of the players themselves are no mystery, as Andy Murray recently did, who expressed dissent for this mode of competition which has effectively eliminated the cornerstones of the team competition that has inflamed the public and players for years.

Haggerty appeared motivated by avoiding touching on these topics in his first statements as President.

Haggerty explained: "I look forward to working alongside our executive and board of directors to review and update our strategy for the next phase.

We will ensure we place ITF competitions on a solid foundation and continue to fuel investment in the global development of our game to deliver the mission of ITF tennis for future generations."

David Haggerty will now have the task of talking to the other tennis associations, in order to try to fix some problems, such as equal pay, that are plaguing tennis.

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