The Glory and Circumstance of winning a championship title

There's no designated time for a player to win a title. But everyone goes trough situations after the win whether it's good, bad or indifferent

The Glory and Circumstance of winning a championship title
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"I feel like I haven't really realized what I did this's going to take a little bit of time..." the new Guadalajara Open champ Maria Sakkari smilingly said. She ad just defeated Caroline Dolehide in straight sets 7-5, 6-3 and won the entire event without losing a set.

Three times was the charm for Sakkari on gaining a title since last year in Guadalajara se lost to Jessica Pegula. It was back in March she was stopped by Aryna Sabalenka at the semifinals to moving on to the championship round.

The journey was long but she did it and beams saying "I just want to really enjoy the moment...just keep working hard...I'm sure that more are going to come in the future." Coco Gauff, the 2023 U.S. Open winner said with great excitement and relief "It was the best moment ever" after winning her first Grand Slam defeating Aryna Sabalenka in three sets.

She soon admitted that "I feel like I'm a little bit in shock at this moment." Gauff had not only told it like it was about the haters that didn't think she could go so far but about the anxiety people put her through. "I think people were putting a lot of pressure on me to win...I felt that at 15..." Now 19, there might be a whole new ballgame of emotions to face whether she's ready or not.

It was his first title in February of 2023 for Jannik Sinner. He might have been a bit concerned as to when or where a title would come. He defeated Maxime Cressy in straight sets at Montpellier and without having lost a set throughout the championship.

"The first key was to hold the serve...I am very happy..." Jannik gave a broad smile. He had gone on to win the Canadian Open from Alex deMinaur in August, looking forward to the end of the season expectations. Despite winning multiple titles or a first grand slam, players are filled with happiness, relief and expectations.

"After winning Wimbledon, coming here (to the U.S. Open) I'm no longer the underdog," Marketa Vondrousova exclaimed after her victory over Italy's Martina Trevisan. There are many winners and some having their rankings lowered a bit, but still a viable competitor.

Iga Swiatek remained no. 1 in the world for 75 weeks. She won her 4th mt this year's French Open defeating Karolina Muchova, but loss at the Round of 16 by Jelena Ostapenko at the U.S. Open. She's no longer no. 1 but isn't bothered by the change.

She focuses on it's becoming difficult to have 'peace and quiet' The part of being recognizable nearly everywhere may become frustrating for Iga and more players as they try negotiating intohave a 'normal' life. Another annoying thing to players is social media person's asking the player about defending their title.

Swiatek wasn't able to do that at the U.S. Open and said quite aggravated that "I don't need to defend anything." The actual journey and struggle to win a championship is enough and players may not think about repeating their performance the following year.

Injuries, sickness or inconsistency may all be the reason they won't be able to duplicate a title win. The question may lie in even being successful enough to win another title in a year. The push and pressure is tremendous but players have always said 'there's nothing like winning a title'

Some say it's addictive to try and outdo what they've previously accomplished. Some may say it can be a 'high' but the preparation to perform on a superior level becomes overbearing. Once a title is won or even a grand slam, time to chill with friends and family may be in short supply.

They may become bombarded with photo shoots, interviews with various media, as well as speaking with possible sponsors on becoming their brand ambassador. They now qualify for other tournaments that were impossible to get into long ago.

Guest appearances begin to shallow the player's ability to interact simply. But yet, the exercising, and practicing are necessary to keep a sharp level to helping them gain success on the competitive level. It's difficult keeping up their routine without wanting time out to relax from exhaustion.

It's also very difficult to not have the camaraderie socially and financially to go on tour comfortably and easily again.