McEnroe reveals whether he can convince Sharapova to make a comeback

Saville predicted that Sharapova will step back on the pro tour.

by Claudiu Pop
McEnroe reveals whether he can convince Sharapova to make a comeback
© Ethan Miller / Getty Images North America

During an Instagram Q&A session held on Maria Sharapova's account, John McEnroe answered whether he could convince Maria Sharapova to make a comeback into the world of tennis. "We're going to stick to pickleball for the moment," McEnroe said.

Lately, Daria Saville predicted that Sharapova is going to pull off a Tom Brady. Saville wrote in her Instagram stories about Maria, captioning a video of Sharapova training in the gym: "I'm smelling another come back. No one does specific exercises like this just to feel good!"

Maria Sharapova is into pickleball

The Russian former world number one recently announced that she's going to play a pickleball event scheduled in February 2024.

"I’m playing pickleball. And not just any pickleball, I am playing with John McEnroe against Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi. February 4, in Miami, at the Hard Rock [Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida], it’s the Pickleball Slam 2.

Dare I say I’m getting a little competitive, and slightly nervous and anxious? But don’t mind me, I can’t wait to see you there, tune in, watch us, support us. Let’s go team… what’s our name?” Sharapova announced.

So, 36-year-old Maria Sharapova is not likely to make a comeback, especially since she affirmed that she likes being an outsider.

"I love it. I love having an outsider's perspective. I love watching the new generations unfold, and the sport in general. In fact, I think the US Open is the only tennis event that I've been to in person since I retired. It's a really special one, with the energy of the crowds there," Sharapova told People.