Piers Morgan rips Emma Raducanu over taking part in 'woke' advert

Morgan reacts to Raducanu telling girls they don't need men to succeed.

by Dzevad Mesic
Piers Morgan rips Emma Raducanu over taking part in 'woke' advert
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British TV host and personality Piers Morgan ripped Emma Raducanu over taking part in HSBC's "woke" advert and also suggested the 20-year-old should focus more on tennis than on the commercial stuff. Last week, Raducanu visited a school in London and read excerpts from a book titled "Fairer Tales" - the Briton's visit to the school was done in collaboration with HSBC.

In the book, classic fairy tales Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel were rewritten and the main female characters got rich by starting their own businesses and not by marrying rich. The point of the story is to tell young girls they should strive to make their own wealth instead of relying on a man.

Addressing that on Talk TV, Morgan described it as "woke" and "absurd."

Morgan rips Raducanu

“Of course, we all know, the best way to improve the aspirations of women is by trashing men. As Emma said, women don’t need men at all.

She certainly didn’t need men to get to where she is today… except from her father, who manages her career and her five coaches who are all male. Then there is her agent Max Eisenbud who is very, very good at maximising her income… despite the fact he is a man.

And then in a final twist of this tale of virtue signaling treachery, it turns out the chairman, chief executive and chief financial officer on HSBC’s board of directors are all men too. As a man, here are some words of advice for you Emma.

I think she’s great and when she won the US Open it was amazing, but she hasn’t won a shoebox since then. I think she’s spending too much time on this commercial stuff and not on the court. That’s my view as a man.

Take it or leave it," Morgan said on his Talk TV show, via Tennis365.

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