Coco Gauff is the new queen of fashion!


Coco Gauff is the new queen of fashion!
Coco Gauff is the new queen of fashion! © Elsa / Staff Getty Images Sport

Coco Gauff was crowned champion at the 2023 US Open, triumphing in front of the Flushing Meadows crowd and winning her first Slam title at 19. The very strong American tennis player has a great passion, fashion, for which she has been labeled as a new icon.

In an interview with Tennis Channel during the 2023 US Open, Coco Gauff was pointed out that she is an icon and, above all, that she has entered the top-trend on X.

A journalist said: "I don't know if you're aware of it, but at least on Twitter you're considered some sort of fashion icon."

Coco replied, "I'm happy that people are noticing.

So, I guess I'm on Twitter about tennis fashion. I don't know."

On Instagram, the young American tennis star reposted her interview among her stories, writing: "LOL!"

Andy Roddick: "Coco Gauff impressed me"

Coco Gauff's victory is special for various reasons for her countryman Andy Roddick, but one of the main reasons is that the very young and talented girl is trained by Brad Gilbert, historic coach of the former American tennis player.

During his report on Betway, the former world number 1 commented on the tennis player's performances at the US Open and declared: "I was one of the people who wondered what would have become of tennis without Roger, Rafa and Serena Williams.

The timing of Coco Gauff's win couldn't be better, especially for the development of tennis in the United States. Coco Gauff won her first Slam in the same place where Serena left a year ago, all this is poetic, let's not forget that Serena and Venus have always been her idols."

Then Roddick analyzed the women's US Open and the winner's tournament: "Coco never played her best tennis in the tournament and this is impressive.

In the final she was good with strategy, after the first set she understood that she couldn't fight with the ball with Aryna and for this reason she decided to put it on the run and resistance and in the end Sabalenka exploded."

Finally on the moment of women's tennis: "Four Slam winners in four years, there is great balance and it is interesting.

It seems like we are witnessing what happened with the men at the beginning of the 80s and it is more interesting than seeing the fight with one or only two tennis players at the top."

Coco Gauff

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