Will Jannik Sinner reign supreme till tour's end despite his shaky health condition?

The Asian swing is back but at Beijing, Jannik Sinner wanted the opportunity to advance in the quarterfinal, sick or not.

Will Jannik Sinner reign supreme till tour's end despite his shaky health condition?
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It was the last match of the day on Diamond Court and despite how Jannik Sinner felt emotionally or physically, he intended to shine and do well in Beijing. Of course, it's just the stepping stone for the other tournaments to follow up to the season ending Finals.

The redhead Italian was experiencing flu-like symptoms and admitted that he had a cold as he arrived in China. "The first two days...I didn't feel well physically. I tried somehow to get through the first round..." Sinner had explained.

He did extremely well with a victory over the Brit Daniel Evans in three sets. Jannik had picked up his strategy momentum and it took him only two sets to prove success over the Japanese Yoshihito Nishioka. Well, his third round was certainly the charm for the Italian but not without some hiccups to his physical health.

Grigor Dimitrov would prove to be a tough competitor to Jannik, never giving up or becoming soft emotionally that Sinner was feeling poorly. It was a rather obvious ordeal that Sinner as well as Dimitrov was going through. Was it food poisoning or just the weather and the environment playing havoc over Sinner's body? "Maybe I ate something wrong" the ATP no.

7 ranked murmured after his throwing up in a court bin. He didn't have a clue what it might have been, but knew he had to win this match, not only for the history of being the Italian to win over 40 games in a row but just to win...period.

The weather wasn't suitable either as Sinner complained that it was "A very tough evening, the level was really high." On the other hand Dimitrov might have been at wits end as to keeping his focus to try and win the match.

It was a tug of war with emotions as Sinner was fighting the flu and his feisty Bulgarian opponent. He didn't want any of them to win and said frankly "In the third set I thought I handled the situation well, especially when serving at a tough moment at 4-2," Jannik mentioning his tactics.

But he gave kudos to his opponent saying "he also played quite aggressively." Jannik Sinner proved to be the strongest and more clever player by winning the most important quarterfinal perhaps in a long time. But can he come through in defusing not only his next competitor, Carlos Alcaraz in the semifinal round or other opponents in matches and tournaments till the end of the season? It's not up to how Jannik Sinner's rivals are doing and the level they're playing; it's up to the Italian to be able to elevate his game level enough to prove victorious despite sickness or good health.

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