Anett Kontaveit, 27, candidly shares 'one thing she is scared of' in post-tennis life

A chronic back injury forced Kontaveit to end her career this year.

by Dzevad Mesic
Anett Kontaveit, 27, candidly shares 'one thing she is scared of' in post-tennis life
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Anett Kontaveit says "the life didn't end" the moment she retired from pro tennis but also admitted that she is feeling "scared" about how she is going to adjust to certain things and routines which weren't really part of her life before.

Kontaveit, who achieved a career-high ranking of No 2 last year, retired from pro tennis at 27 due to degenerative changes of the lumbar discs in her spine. "I think that everything that I have achieved or that I have accomplished will only sink in after a little while.

Right now it's been kind of like being in a bubble. Of course there are some positives, I can be at home, I don't have to travel every week. A lot of the hard things that came with tennis are behind me now. But, one thing I'm really scared about is how I'm going to cope with all the things that I've never had to deal with before, like the routine of being at home, the cold and the long winter.

My life certainly didn't end there when I stopped playing tennis. There are so many other opportunities in life. I think I'm pretty hard working and I hope to find something new and exciting to do. And maybe people really will hear from me again," Kontaveit said on ETV show "Hommik Anuga."

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Kontaveit feels she made 'the right decision'

Although Kontaveit certainly didn't plan on retiring from pro tennis at such a young age, a chronic issue forced her to make that decision.

It has been three months since Kontaveit's career officially came to an end. Reflecting on her decision now, Kontaveit says she definitely made "the right decision." "Of course, there are more things I could have still have achieved, but I know that when I was playing I gave 100 percent of myself. I did everything as well as I could and so I know this was the right decision for me," Kontaveit said.

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