Anett Kontaveit details how 'top sport tears body apart'


Anett Kontaveit details how 'top sport tears body apart'
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Anett Kontaveit says "top sport is all about tearing your body apart" but highlighted that she has no regrets over choosing to pursue a pro tennis career. Kontaveit, 27, was forced to retire from tennis at a young age after sustaining degenerative changes of the lumbar discs in her spine.

Just last year, Kontaveit was ranked at No 2 in the world. "It's just from overuse, the spine gets [strained] all the time. You run from corner to corner for hours every day, it just gets put under so much strain that parts like that just wear out, they get too much wattage.

I knew that at some point this career had to end. Top sport is all about tearing your body apart. I would like to say though, that I don't regret doing it," Kontaveit said on ETV show "Hommik Anuga."

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Kontaveit still feels pain in her back

In late June, Kontaveit announced she would be playing the final tournament of her career at Wimbledon.

Now, Kontaveit has been retired for three months. But still, Kontaveit feels pain and discomfort in her back. "Yes, in my lower back basically. It hurts when I'm in a static position for a long time. It hurts a bit with certain movements, sometimes it hurts in the gym.

It's not the kind of pain where I start crying and have to go home, but in some situations it still hurts," Kontaveit said. Earlier this year, Kontaveit took a break from tennis to address her back injury. After returning to action in April and playing a couple of matches, Kontaveit realized there was no point in continuing her career with a chronic back issue.

"I wouldn't have stopped for no reason. This back injury has become so bad over the years. It was holding me back so much that I felt I couldn't play at that level anymore. It was such a tough decision," Kontaveit said.

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