Ons Jabeur makes her feelings known on Israel-Palestine conflict

Jabeur expresses support for Palestine but condemns violence.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ons Jabeur makes her feelings known on Israel-Palestine conflict
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Ons Jabeur has shared a message amid the Israel-Palestine conflict, expressing her support for the Palestinians but also highlighting that violence is never the solution. On October 7th, Hamas launched at least 3,000 rockets into Israel.

The Israelis responded in a strong way with airstrikes, targeting both civilian and military infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. The conflict has already seen many lives lost and left many more injured on both sides. Many nations have described Hamas' acts as "terrorism," while many Islamic nations have defended Palestine by arguing that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories is the main reason behind the escalation of their long-standing conflict.

Jabeur is seemingly defending the Palestinians' right to defend but also taking a stance against violence.

Jabeur's message amid the Israel-Palestine conflict

"What Palestinians have been going through during the last 75 years is indescribable.

What innocent civilians are going through is indescribable; no matter what their religion is, or what their origin is. Violence will never bring peace; I cannot stand with violence but I also cannot stand with people having their lands taken.

So understanding context is important, looking at what's happening today and deciding to ignore recent history is irresponsible and won't bring peace. And peace is all we care about. Peace is what everyone needs and deserves.

Stop the violence and #FreePalestine," Jabeur wrote in a message posted on her Instagram Story. Meanwhile, Jabeur is competing in Zhengzhou this week. Jabeur, seeded at No 4, had a first-round bye in Zhengzhou. After a first-round bye, Jabeur started her Zhengzhou campaign on Thursday with a 6-3 7-6 (5) win over Lucia Bronzetti.

After beating Bronzetti, Jabeur withdrew from Zhengthou due to a knee injury. In Zhengzhou, Jabeur was playing her third tournament during this year's Asian swing. Previously, Jabeur started her Asian swing with a victory in Ningbo. After winning Ningbo, Jabeur suffered a surprise Beijing second-round loss to Marta Kostyuk last week.

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