Daria Kasatkina sounds off on life logistics in tennis in epic rant

Kasatkina claims schedule in tennis and all the traveling has made her condition 'incomprehensible.'

by Dzevad Mesic
Daria Kasatkina sounds off on life logistics in tennis in epic rant
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Daria Kasatkina delivered a stunning rant about what she believes is a very unglamorous part of tennis life, claiming that tennis is "the worst sport in terms of life logistics." In late September, 26-year-old Kasatkina went to Tokyo, where she kicked off her Asian swing at the Japan Open.

After suffering a Tokyo quarterfinal loss to Jessica Pegula on September 29th - Kasatkina flew to Beijing - where she won her opener on October 2nd before picking up a second-round defeat the following day. Kasatkina concluded her Asian swing by reaching the Zhengzhou semifinal last week.

Kasatkina, ranked at No 11 in the world, claims all the traveling is leaving a toll on her body and has made her condition "incomprehensible."

Kasatkina sounds off on the schedule in tennis

“I arrived to a Masters and they meet only from one airport.

They don't meet you from another. So I played in Tokyo last night and it was impossible to fly in the evening. So I need to fly the next day at 10 am. I need to arrive earlier because tomorrow I have to play… Honestly, I'm exhausted.

The game of tennis itself is the simplest thing we do. Everything else is just completely BS. I can't travel anymore. I can't pack my things… These planes, moving... When you can't communicate with people from different countries, constantly changing beds, constantly packing and unpacking bags every week, I just can't do it anymore.

My body is just telling me to F off already. For the 3rd time in a month and a half I have a sore throat and in general my condition is incomprehensible. In terms of life logistics, there is no worse sport in the whole world.

It’s just complete BS," Kasatkina said in the latest vlog posted on her 'Zabiiako & Kasatkina' YouTube channel.

After competing in three tournaments in Asia, Kasatkina is not playing this week. Since Kasatkina hasn't qualified for the WTA Finals, her 2023 season is likely over.

Daria Kasatkina