Take a look where Emma Raducanu is among most marketable athletes for 2023


Take a look where Emma Raducanu is among most marketable athletes for 2023
Take a look where Emma Raducanu is among most marketable athletes for 2023 © Getty Images Sport - Julian Finney

Emma Raducanu has landed in the 21st place on SportPro's most marketable list. On Tuesday, SportsPro named the most marketable athletes for 2023. The list, which is led by football superstar Lionel Messi, also features several tennis players.

Raducanu, who has landed several lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals following her impressive 2021 US Open win, was 12th on SportPro's 2022 list. This year, Raducanu experienced a drop but she is still among the top-30 most marketable athletes, which is quite impressive.

Raducanu's agent defended the Briton's endorsement deals

Raducanu hasn't won any titles since the 2021 US Open. After some time, people started blaming Raducanu's endorsement deals for her results and frequent injuries, claiming that the Briton was more focused on her sponsorship deals than actual tennis.

After Raducanu underwent multiple surgeries in May, her agent Max Eisenbud addressed the criticism surrounding the Briton's endorsement deals. “If you are looking at the Emma Raducanu situation or any of those players who have been thrust into the thing.

Our job is to educate them on what is available to them. In Emma's situation we could have done 100 deals. She could be doing deals and deals and deals. They left millions and millions on the table. They strategically took the best brands with the most limited time, who understood it would be a rocky road.

None of her sponsors have ever rung up and said ‘oh my god, I can’t believe she’s not winning’. No one. I know people want to say ‘oh she’s got the pressure’. The pressure she has is she won a great tournament and she wants that feeling again and wants to keep winning.

I don’t think she’s waking up and thinking ‘HSBC is mad’. Sponsors are supportive through injury. I know people want the narrative that the ‘big, bad IMG’ are bringing in all this money. We are a pretty well established company and we’re not living and dying on a commission for Emma Raducanu," Eisenbud said on The Tennis Podcast in July.

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