Carlos Alcaraz puts down serious actions to keep his tennis future alive

Playing hard may show great results until it starts to wear the body down. This is near the season end and Carlos Alcaraz is feeling the effects.

Carlos Alcaraz puts down serious actions to keep his tennis future alive
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The Asian swing didn't fall in Alcaraz's favor as his loss to Jannik Sinner at the Beijing semifinal and bowing to Grigor Dimitrov in the Shanghai Masters' round of 16 was a letdown. "I think I can play great tennis again.

I will have to practice hard ahead of Basel and Paris," Carlito had said, trying to keep his confidence level up despite the losses. There will be only 3 tournaments left for Alcaraz. The Swiss Indoors in Basel, the Paris Masters and the ATP Finals.

But it might have been too little, too late for the Spaniard. He had developed a few injuries that made his promises of doing better simply fade. He and his team re-evaluated his position on playing further as Carlos explained that "Unfortunately I will not be able to play in Basel....I have a problem with the plantar fascia in my left foot and muscle fatigue in my lower back which needs treatment, so I can play the rest of the season..." The Spaniard had intended to take time off simply to rest from exhaustion and to work on his strategies that would be more productive, but injury and ailments took further priority.

The defiant no. 2 looked to ending the year defeating Novak Djokovic in one of the three tournaments to regain his number one ranking, but now that possibility won't be happening. Last year, Carlos was also unable to play Basel in Switzerland due to injury so this situation he'd hope to clear up became repetitious.

The only tournaments left for Alcaraz is the Paris Masters and the ATP Final in Turin. Paris may be a wishful dream for the Spaniard as his time for treatment and recovery might not be enough. The ATP Finals in December the tennis community hopes will be more of a reality to see Carlos on the competitive courts.

There has been further information that Carlos Alcaraz as well as Novak Djokovic and Ons Jabeur have signed on for an exhibition in Saudi Arabia, the Riyadh Tennis Season Cup. It is scheduled for December 26 and 27th.

But it has become obvious that Carlos had signed up for this event quite a long time ago. It is with further speculation that he being able to participate will seriously be in doubt. The only event the tennis community and fans are having fingers crossed for is the ATP Finals.

Carlos has probably been hoping for the best that he will not only have a successful performance at the finals in Italy but to be able to participate at all.

Carlos Alcaraz