Mike Tyson wears Rafael Nadal's logo outfit

The former boxing legend wore a tennis outfit with the logo of the Spanish champion

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Mike Tyson wears Rafael Nadal's logo outfit
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Mike Tyson is a huge tennis fan. Recently, the former boxing superstar attended the 2023 US Open edition, where he supported the new queen of New York, his young countrywoman Coco Gauff. In a recent video shared on X by @Olly_Tennis_ account, Tyson wore the tennis outfit with the logo of the legendary Spanish champion Rafael Nadal.

he recently wore a suit with the iconic Rafael Nadal logo.

Tyson, new mentor of UFC star Francis Ngannou, is preparing the athlete for the fight against Tyson Fury, scheduled for October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and during some moments ahead of the challenge, Tyson was seen interacting with a big dog, wearing the outfit with the Nadal's bullfight logo.

Here is the video shared by the X account @Olly_Tennis_:

Tyson reveals is his favorite tennis player!

Tyson was on the stands at the US Open 2023, to watch Coco Gauff's match.

But here who is his best player? The former box icon told to SuperTennis: "Tennis is a great sport, I'm a big fan of this discipline. I like watching Novak Djokovic's matches."

He then gave some advice to all the kids who dream of becoming great in sport: "It takes time to blossom.

It's something you don't fully understand at first. Sports have continued to influence and inspire me and my family. I recently returned from Rome, I visited the Colosseum."

Many stars of the show and not, often take advantage of it, as we have seen at Wimbledon, or at the Roland Garros, to enjoy a day of great sport.

One of these is former boxing legend Mike Tyson, who was interviews by SuperTennis, to whom he released a nice interview, revealing who is his favorite tennis player is.

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