Naomi Osaka reflects on life on 26th birthday, makes very honest parenthood admission

On October 16th, Osaka turned 26 years old.

by Dzevad Mesic
Naomi Osaka reflects on life on 26th birthday, makes very honest parenthood admission
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Naomi Osaka posted a message days after her 26th birthday, reflecting on her life and admitting that she still finds it surreal how far she has come in life and revealing that most recently she doubted if she would be a good mother to her child.

On October 16th, four-time Grand Slam champion Osaka turned 26. Osaka, who turned pro in 2013, experienced major success at a young age as she was just 20 when she upset the great Serena Williams in the 2018 US Open final for her first Grand Slam.

In 2019 January, Osaka also reached the world No 1 spot for the first time in her career. "Where has the time gone? I look back on my life and it feels like I'm rewinding an old VHS tape, it flashes by so quickly and suddenly I'm here in the present.

I often try to retrace my steps to figure out how did I end up here, I know I say this often but I truly still feel like that kid playing on public courts in Queens, NY. Randomly I wonder if I'm doing okay, is there a correct path to take in life or have I veered off onto the scenic route for a little bit? However, I've now come into the mindset that I can only keep moving forward and everything that will be, will be," Osaka wrote in a message posted on her X account.

Osaka: I fought the thought that I wouldn't be a good mom

In July, Osaka welcomed her first child, a baby girl Shai. In her message, Osaka admitted that just recently she battled some doubts about her motherhood skills. "Something I had to conquer recently is fighting the thought that I won't be a good mom.

So many doubts raced through my head I had to swat them away like mosquitoes. Looking into Shai's eyes and holding her I always think, 'wow this little person depends on me so much, I have to do better' It's such a strange feeling watching your kid grow, you blink and they're double the size in a few months.

Gratefulness reminds me to breathe and take in the little things (and the big ones). I'm so grateful to have another year and I'm so thankful to everyone that believes in me, love you and thank you," Osaka said.

Meanwhile, Osaka has been preparing for quite some time for her tennis return. Recently, Osaka's Australian Open participation has been confirmed by tournament director Craig Tiley.

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