Naomi Osaka candidly addresses joys, stresses of motherhood

Osaka, 26, welcomed her first child in July.

by Dzevad Mesic
Naomi Osaka candidly addresses joys, stresses of motherhood
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Naomi Osaka reveals becoming a mother unlocked some new joys for her but also some stress that was previously unknown to her. Osaka, who turned 26 this month, announced in July that she had given birth to a baby girl named Shai.

Shai is Osaka's first child. "I would say the joys there's so many. Just seeing her face and she's kind of puffy. She's in her puffy phase. So I just like to poke her cheeks. She's so cute. But I would say there's so many joys that I didn't even know was a joy, putting little outfits on her and things like that.

Like it really makes my day," Osaka said during a conversation with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy.

Osaka: There's stress that I didn't know about

Now that Osaka is a mother, she has additional responsibility to take care of her little baby.

"I would say there's stress that I also didn't know about. Like I am an overthinker. So sometimes I'm like, hmm, I wonder if I'm going to be a good enough mom and things like that and everything feels really new," Osaka said.

Since publicly opening up about her battle with anxiety and depression, Osaka has become a major advocate for good mental health. When asked what's her wish for her daughter, Osaka revealed that she would like Shai to be a kind person and be loved and appreciated.

"I just want her to be a kind person. Like someone that radiates, like, positivity and joy. Like, I know that's something that I can't really control. I want her to grow up like knowing she's loved and appreciated. And I think that that's all that I can do," Osaka explained.

Meanwhile, Osaka missed the entire 2023 season. Since giving birth, Osaka has been working on her return and the four-time Grand Slam champion is expected to play again at the start of the 2024 season.

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