Ons Jabeur addresses ITA accusing her of 'supporting terrorist organization'

The ITA filed a complaint to the ITF and WTA following Jabeur's message on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ons Jabeur addresses ITA accusing her of 'supporting terrorist organization'
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Ons Jabeur has confirmed that she is aware that the Israeli Tennis Association (ITA) filed a complaint to the ITF and WTA regarding her message posted about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In early October, Jabeur called for peace several times in a post that ended with a #FreePalestine hashtag.

Also in her post, Jabeur said that "violence will never bring peace." The ITA didn't like Jabeur's post at all, filing a complaint against the Tunisian and accusing her of "supporting a murderous terrorist organization." Addressing the complaint that the ITA made regarding her post, Jabeur thinks she "did not say anything wrong." “What I wrote in my post on Instagram is what I support, and the biggest thing I believe in is peace.

I’m very sad for the innocent people that are getting killed every day and I wish the world would react and end this war. They filed the complaint to the WTA and I’m aware of it, they told me about it. But I didn’t say anything wrong.

I just shared my opinion and I stayed within the rules. I actually was surprised they complained about it. I don’t even know why. My message was really peaceful," Jabeur told The National.

What did exactly Jabeur say in her post?

"What Palestinians have been going through during the last 75 years is indescribable.

What innocent civilians are going through is indescribable; no matter what their religion is, or what their origin is. Violence will never bring peace; I cannot stand with violence but I also cannot stand with people having their lands taken.

So understanding context is important, looking at what's happening today and deciding to ignore recent history is irresponsible and won't bring peace. And peace is all we care about. Peace is what everyone needs and deserves.

Stop the violence and #FreePalestine," Jabeur wrote in a message posted on her Instagram Story in early October. A few days later, the ITA responded with a statement, in which they had some strong words for Jabeur. “This tennis player incites and supports a murderous terrorist organization," the ITA said in a statement.

Also in their statement, the ITA said they were waiting to see if the ITF and WTA would take any actions against Jabeur.

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