Tommy Paul's girlfriend dedicates beautiful love words to the US player

Paige Lorenze shares her love for the North American player on an Instagram story

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Tommy Paul's girlfriend dedicates beautiful love words to the US player
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Paige Lorenze, engaged to the North American tennis player Tommy Paul, shared a beautiful dedication of love to her tennis player boyfriend through an Instagram story. Paul was defeated in the second round of the ATP Masters in Paris-Bercy against Botic van de Zandschulp, in what was his last match of this tennis season.

Paul started his season outside the top 30 in the world, ending 2023 as world no.12 of the ATP ranking. Paige Lorenze then dedicated these splendid words to Tommy Paul: "Congratulations on an amazing season, Tommy. It has been a privilege watching you strive to be the best person and athlete you can be.

You are incredible. I admire you and your unwavering sportsmanship. I honestly think it's become one of my favorite things about you. You never have an excuse, you're incredibly humble, hard working, and happy for everyone else's success always.

The team you've built around you is so special and you treat everyone like family. I think your team say a lot about you. Ending the year 12 in the world is an amazing accomplishment and I couldn't be more proud to stand by your side.

Cheers to your offseason (like 4 weeks lol ) and to you. I love you and I can't wait to see what's to come for you."

Tommy Paul's words at the Shanghai Rolex Masters

The American said in a latest interview at the Shanghai Rolex Masters: "These victories are sometimes the best.

Obviously I would have liked to finish in two, I had a couple of match points, but he played really well, so I can't get too angry. I found myself in a little hole in the third set, but I was lucky to get out of it. I think I entered the court with a game plan and I had to change completely.

I got a break in the first game playing with my original game plan, but then he adapted very quickly. I think he will continue to get better and better. I think he's going to have a very bright future. It's nice when they go well.

But when they don't it sucks a bit. I had fun today, and it was nice. Even if there was a moment in the match where which, when I was fighting in the third set, where I said to myself: You know, if I lose, it was still a battle.

We both gave it our all, so you can't be too upset. I'm more busy focusing on performance. I want to go all the way in all these tournaments. There are a lot of big tournaments for the rest of the year, a lot of opportunities, so I'm excited to play."

Tommy Paul