Coco Gauff makes lifelong commitment to Chris Eubanks after 2023 season

Does this mean we'll see Gauff supporting Eubanks from the stands more often in 2024?

by Claudiu Pop
Coco Gauff makes lifelong commitment to Chris Eubanks after 2023 season
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After Chris Eubanks said on Instagram that "2023 was certainly a season for the books", Coco Gauff declared she is her fan for life. "Giraffe fan 4 life," Gauff wrote on Instagram. In addition, Gauff commented on Eubanks season round-up with these words: "not bad, not bad at all."

Coco Gauff applauded Eubanks from the stands at Wimbledon

This year, American Coco Gauff was spotted in the Wimbledon stands cheering for her Atlanta neighbor Chris Eubanks.

Eubanks beat a record at the tournament. He made the most winners (321) in a Gentlemen's Singles Championship. At the time, Gauff called the record "crazyyy."

Around Wimbledon, Eubanks explained how Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff helped him play better.

"I think the biggest thing, it's a common theme amongst both of them, they've been saying for a long time that they feel like I belong at this level. For a long time I questioned, again, whether or not I was consistent enough to play at this level really consistently.

I knew I could come out on any match and maybe light it up, could cause some guys some trouble. I don't know if I really believed I could put it together match after match after match against quality opponents. That's something Coco has been telling me for a long time.

Naomi even says the same thing. That's kind of been the main thing of just reinforcing and instilling confidence. Hey, you can play at this level, you just got to believe it. When I'm around them, to hear them talk about their belief, it's a bit infectious.

It does rub off on you. When they talk about their goals or what they feel when they go on court, I feel a little bit like the odd man out because I'm like, You guys are mentally different than I am. You guys are so much more, like, locked in and confident when you step on the court.

I think it's slowly starting to rub off on me where when I step foot on the court, Hey, I can play at this level, I belong at this level. I just have to go out there and actually believe it. Be okay with giving it everything I have. Whatever the result is it is," Eubanks said.

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