Bianca Andreescu recounts kids laughing at her in school because of tennis rackets

Andreescu opens up on the sacrifices she made for tennis.

by Dzevad Mesic
Bianca Andreescu recounts kids laughing at her in school because of tennis rackets
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Bianca Andreescu revealed kids at school used to laugh at her because she would bring a bag with rackets for practice. When Andreescu was 11, coaches from Tennis Canada noticed she was very talented in tennis. The governing body of tennis in Canada took Andreescu under its wing but she still had school to attend.

During that period, Andreescu had a very packed schedule as she would train about four times a day and also attend school for two or three hours. But going to school seemingly wasn't something that Andreescu enjoyed since kids would often pick on her because she was bringing her rackets with her.

Andreescu on sacrifices she made for tennis

"I remember there were trials for Tennis Canada. I did the appointment over the weekend and the coaches and people there liked me. They took me from the age of 11. That's when I started playing tournaments, traveling.

At first, I was traveling alone, but I didn't really like it. Then, my parents sacrificed a lot for me. They took a lot of time off work. That's a big sacrifice. I made sacrifices at school too. I didn't realize it until I was 13-14 years old, when I went to high school in Canada.

I went to training about four times a day. I was doing fitness, I was doing a lot. I only went to school for two or three hours a day. I was ashamed to go to school. I had to bring the bag with rackets, and some kids asked me why I was doing that, they laughed at me.

I was ashamed! But my parents told me that if I want to do this, it doesn't matter what people say. It was hard for me, but I listened to my parents," Andreescu told Gazeta Sporturilor. Today, 23-year-old Andreescu is one of the best Canadian tennis players.

Andreescu has accomplished some pretty notable things as she is a Grand Slam champion and has been ranked as high as No 4 in the world.

Bianca Andreescu