Fans destroy Iga Swiatek: "She will never surpass Maria Sharapova's legacy"


Fans destroy Iga Swiatek: "She will never surpass Maria Sharapova's legacy"
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Tennis fans have entered into one of the comparisons that is causing discussion within the WTA Tour: the one between Iga Swiatek and Maria Sharapova.
The debate started on X when a user wrote that Iga Swiatek's career has already surpassed Maria Sharapova's successes.

On social media, especially through post on X, users took the side of Maria Sharapova, underlining how the Polish tennis player will never be able to overcome the legacy of the former Russian star. Iga Swiatek, at 23 years old, has won three times at the Roland Garros (2020, 2022 and 2023) and once at the US Open (2022), and a total of 16 WTA titles.
Sharapova won 5 Majors, completing the Career Grand Slam and a total of 36 titles, before retiring from the WTA Tour.

Here are some of the most significant posts shared by users on X:

Iga Swiatek: "I feel it will be difficult to continue like this for many years"

After the victory obtained in the Chetumal group of the 2023 WTA Finals against Coco Gauff, Swiatek gave the usual interview dealing with various topics, directly attacking the WTA.

"I would say that this evening I played with a lot of confidence, I think I was able to respond to Coco's game at all times, especially doing it at the right time of the match. We have created a good rivalry in recent years, so I'm sure we will face each other many more times in the next few seasons.

Obviously, I've been competing on the professional circuit for four seasons, but this is the first time that the best players and the lower-level players really come together to make a big impact with their decisions, to do something.

Obviously we are not happy with some things and that is why we want to change the calendar for next year. In 2024 we will have many more mandatory tournaments, which will have a huge negative impact on our health and well-being.

I am 22 years old and I have just played two of the most intense seasons of my life. I already feel that it will be difficult to continue at this pace for many years, but it will be much more difficult if the WTA decides to take this path by increasing the number of mandatory tournaments.

Most of the 2024 WTA 1000 will last two weeks, something that will affect our time at home and the time between tournaments. I feel like it's all about wanting more and more, but not really taking care of our well-being and health."

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